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Immunofluorescence in undifferentiated PromoCell cardiomyocytes (Line E) shows only diffuse cytoplasmic expression of sarcomeric actinin (green) with little or no co-localization with the actin cytoskeleton (red).

Immunofluorescence in PromoCell cardiomycytes (Line E) differentiated for 4 weeks shows increased focal expression of sarcomeric actinin (green) that strongly co-localizes with adhesions sites and the actin cytoskeleton (red).

Assay Date(s): 08/11/2015
Primary Antibody: Mouse monoclonal anti-alpha-actinin (sarcomeric)
(Sigma, Cat: A7811-100UL, Lot: 103M4770)
Secondary Antibody: Alexa Fluor 488 goat anti-mouse
(Invitrogen, Cat: A11001, Lot: 1397999)
Temperature: 37ºC
Dilution 1:100
Diluent: 10% goat serum, 2.5% bovine serum albumin in PBS
Actin Staining: Alexa Fluor 647 phalloidin
(Invitrogen, Cat: A22287, Lot: 648322) )
Dilution: 1:40
Diluent: PBS
Nuclear Staining: Hoechst 33342, trihydrochloride, trihydtrate
(Invitrogen, Cat: H3570, Lot: 46C3-1)
Dilution: 1:10,000
Diluent: PBS
Imaging Date: 08/11/2015
Imaging Platform: Zeiss LSM 780, Axio Imager 2
Objective: Plan-Apo 40x/1.4 Oil DIC M27
Excitation: 458 (Argon), 633 (HeNe 633), 405 (Diode 405-30)
Emission: 410-508, 490-632, 638-755
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Cell SOPs: DToxS SOP CE – 1.0: PromoCell Cardiomyocyte Subculture
DToxS SOP CE – 2.0: PromoCell Cardiomyocyte Plating for Drug Test
DToxS SOP CE – 4.0: Drug Treatment and Cell Lysis
Assay SOPs: DToxS SOP A – 4.0 Immunofluorescence PromoCell Cardiomyocytes
Performed by: B. Hu, G. Jayaraman, R. C. Calizo

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