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Intracellular calcium trace from a representative PromoCell cardiomyocyte (Line B) that shows no intracellular calcium cycling after 4 weeks of differentiation. Red pulses represent the 10 ms 40 V pulse stimulation.

Assay Date(s): 07/22/2015
Sample Size: 30
Dye Platform: Rhod-2 AM (5 uM, 30 min)
Temperature: 37ºC
Imaging Platform: Zeiss LSM 510
Excitation: 543 nm HeNe laser
Emission: 560 nm (longpass)
Electrodes: 0.5 mm
Solution Concentration in mM
NaCl: 140
KCl: 5.4
CaCl2: 2
MgCl: 1
Glucose: 10
pH: 7.4 (NaOH)
Number of Cells per Different Activity Type
None or random fluctuations: 30
Delayed/slow increase with stimulation: 0
Immediate increase with stimulation: 0
Related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Cell SOPs: DToxS SOP CE – 1.0: PromoCell Cardiomyocyte Subculture
DToxS SOP CE – 2.0: PromoCell Cardiomyocyte Plating for Drug Test
DToxS SOP CE – 4.0: Drug Treatment and Cell Lysis
Assay SOPs: DToxS SOP CE – 5.0 Immunofluorescence PromoCell Cardiomyocytes
Performed by: B. Hu, R. A. Devenyi

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